utorok, 28. júna 2016

The officers' pavilion, KOMÁRNO, SLOVAKIA


The officers' pavilion was built in 1858-1863 in a neo-Gothic style,
 resembling English Gothic architecture.
It is a two-storied corner building with two polygonal
angle towers on the main facade with a terrace on the main floor.
The neo-Gothic building of the officers' pavilion is located
 in the same neighbourhood with the general Klapka square
en route to the New and Old Fortresses
 Originally, the building was used as an apartment block
for the officers (and their families) of the imperial
and the royal army.
 On the main floor, there was a casino for the officers,
which nowadays serves for the representative purposes
 of the city. In 1999-2000 an amphitheater was
built on its courtyard.


sobota, 7. mája 2016


The Mariazell Basilica
built in the 14th and 15th centuries
but with a superb baroque interior,
 and with the three towers on its western front


nedeľa, 1. mája 2016

Lednice - Valtice, Czech Republic


There are not many places in the world
which have received such care as the elegant area
around the spectacular Lednice and Valtice chateaux.
An absolutely unique park has been created here over
the centuries, full of rare tree species, romantic little
buildings, fishponds and beautiful little corners...

piatok, 4. marca 2016


Ghent is a city and a municipality located in the Flemish Region of Belgium...

Reflection in a glass windov

piatok, 19. februára 2016

Multiply reflection

Bratislava Castle
When Maria Theresa of Austria  became the queen
of the Kingdom of Hungary in 1740,
she promised to the nobles of the kingdom that she would have
a residence both in Austria  and in the Kingdom of Hungary –
that is in Bratislava (Pressburg) Castle.
She kept the promise and  a corresponding conversion
of the defense castle into a (at that time)
modern royal residence was performed between 1761 and 1766.
(The Castle after not finished reconstruction in 2012)